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The DVD download for the Drought Masters 55 Gallon Portable, Potable Water Generator (Big Dipper) is here! Please watch our trailer.  CLICK MORE TO VIEW.

The Traveller 10 Water Generator
$699 Includes shipping in the USA. 1 year warranty. Recommend verifying 30% or higher Average Humidity in your area.

$799 Includes shipping to most countries.

Mini 5
The Mini Five Water Generator Available for investors individual units not available at this time.Call Terry with interest 512.920.9773

The Big Dripper is now the Little Dipper


Water Station

Note: We have gone to a water pump that is not as loud, the pumping sound is only present when the pump is running.

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Founded by Terry LeBleu-inventor, Drought Masters is an organization created to help the world.  Our inventions are created to provide solutions to world problems.

You may ask, "What problems"? Problems such as the lack of drinking water around the world, the heavy output of greenhouse emmissions, or the high cost of energy.

We solve these issues by buidling machines to harness water from the air and by creating machines that turn water into fuel and also create electricity, along with many more products and inventions.

Look around at our site and find out what we're all about!

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For purchasing contact Terry LeBleu  512.920.9773 or email:

Portable | Potable Water Recovery and Dispensing Apparatus

Portable Potable Water Recovery and Dispensing SystemA portable, potable-water generator for producing high-purity liquid water by condensation of dew from ambient air is described. The generator employs filtration subsystems to remove particulates and aerosols from the incoming air.

View our trailer for the Drought Masters 55 Gallon Portable, Potable Water Generator (Big Dipper) before making your purchase!

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Price: $25.00


Terry Lebleu, Inventor was born in New Braunfels, TX and raised in Boerne, TX. Terry believes that his inventions are a form of art.

He is always looking towards a better tomorrow. He finds pleasure in creating for others and how his inventions benefit the world we live in.

Water Test

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